Restaurant Review: Green Chili Fine Indian Cuisine

Sadly today I am not sharing a recipe; I am instead inserting a restaurant review of Green Chili Fine Indian Cuisine. There are definitely those nights where I eat out or order in, and I for one prefer to order in good food if I’m opting for take-out. Back in the warm summer months (boy do I miss those right about now!) my boyfriend and I decided to order take-out one night for dinner. Neither of us felt like Chinese or Pizza, our usual back-up plans; so we settled on trying out Green Chili. We have ordered twice from the Crowfoot location, so I can only speak for that specific location, and only for the delivery as we have not yet had the chance to sit down and eat at the restaurant.

The first time we ordered from Green Chili, we were a little concerned. My boyfriend has a dairy allergy, and there is a lot of cream used in the sauces in Indian dishes. So I prefaced my order with that information and asked the gentleman taking my order to please tell me if a dish could not be modified to be dairy-free. He was very nice about it, helped us through our order, and we waited with anticipation for the fine Indian cuisine to arrive.

Ten minutes later, the phone rings. Green Chili had called us back to tell us that naan bread is made with yogurt (who knew?) and as there was a note about a dairy-allergy on the order, “could we suggest he have the tandoori roti instead?” I was absolutely shocked by this. I have never before had a restaurant call me back unless they have been unable to find my address in the system. It was a moment of customer service that I will remember for a long while.

The food, when it arrived, was delicious. Not the best Indian I’ve ever tasted (that would be my homemade dishes of course!) but really good and hot (both in temperature and spice). The saffron rice was delicious, the naad bread and tandoori roti a perfect compliment to the dish, and the Jeera Aloo (an Indian potato dish) stole the night for me!

It is not the fastest delivery, but imagine they are cooking a restaurant-quality meal, and then packaging it to drive to you. It takes a little longer than the pizza, or the buffet-style Chinese food.

We ordered from them again last night, and the food was just as good as I remember. The beef vindaloo is very spicy though, so consider yourself warned! And the chicken tikka masala was cooked perfectly in my opinion. (Please note I prefer my chicken on the dry-er side because I have eaten raw chicken so many times that I am now paranoid of it and am only starting to order chicken when we go out again.)

I would recommend Green Chili based on the food quality and customer service. I’m hoping next time we feel like Indian we will go sit in the restaurant, since the interior seems quite nice.

If you go try this place out, or order in, please let me know what you think!


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