Holiday update

Hello all! New recipes will be posted soon, I promise! I usually don’t cook during the holidays – I leave the turkey to others.

However I did help cook for Christmas Eve appetizers and Boxing Day lunch. Boxing Day lunch was chili – I made my vegetarian chili with avocado, and this time I added 1 crushed dried red chili. It added a delicious bite to the chili, and next time I will be trying two red chilies. (This modification has been added in to the original post, click here to see it.)

My contribution to the Christmas Eve appetizers were these wonton jam packets that I watched being made on the Food Network. It was a show called Everyday Exotic, and the host also made wonton ravioli, which I will hopefully be trying in the new year.

For dessert he used the rest of the wonton wrappers for this things he called “jam packets.” Basically, take a wonton wrapper, spread egg wash (beaten egg) on it, place a 1/4 tsp jam (I used strawberry and apricot) in the center, and fold the corners up to make a “packet.” Then you deep fry them, dust with icing sugar, and serve. I did not find these turned out well – the jam secreted out of the wonton wrappers into my oil (so now I have the fun task of cleaning my deep fryer, ugh) and in the end they didn’t taste all that good either.

If anyone out there decides to try making these, let me know if they turn out better for you than they did for me!

And one last thing to say before I get back to the always-fun task of cleaning house after the holidays, I made homemade Vietnamese for dinner last night, and my good friend showed me the trick to cutting spring rolls – use scissors. (This trick has also been added to the original post, click here.)

That’s it for me for now! I got two new cookbooks for Christmas, one vegetarian, so there will be plenty of recipes to come in the new year!



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