Introducing new foodblog authors J and L

I’d like to take a moment here to step away from posting recipes for a moment (which I know I have been incredibly lazy about doing recently) to introduce two new additions to my foodblog.

My good friend J has agreed to join the team as an author and will soon be posting all of her delicious recipes! There are already many in my archives that either originated from her, or were recipes we tried out together. She’s a fabulous cook, and tends to make delicious healthy meals. I hope you all enjoy her recipes as much as I have!

My dear dear cousin L will also be joining us, which I am very excited about. She does a lot more baking than I do (and this blog could certainly use some sweetner!) and often cooks and bakes gluten-free, vegan, and all other sorts of crazy dietary requirements. She has sent me many delicious recipes via Facebook (for which I am very grateful) and I look forward to the new ones she will be soon be posting here.

If anyone else out there would like to join this foodblog as an author, please send me a message! I’m more than open to the idea – food should be shared, and the more the merrier!

Thank you all for allowing me a brief respite from recipe posting. I promise I will sit down this week and get some new ones up to satisfy your tummies.


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