Super Greens Soup

This is another recipe that comes from Jamie Oliver’s Super Foods recipe book. It is very easy to make (especially the way I do it!) and extremely delicious. It saves well too – I haven’t gone more than 2 or 3 days without finishing it all off, but it holds together well for leftovers. Hope you enjoy!

Super Greens Soup
Prep time: 5-10 minutes
Cook time: 20-30 minutes
Serves: 4

1 sweet vidala onion, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, minced
olive oil
2 medium sized white potato, chopped
1 can of chickpeas (standard 14oz can), drained and rinsed
2 sprigs fresh thyme (or 1 tsp dried)
1 sprig fresh rosemary (or 1/2 tsp dried)
1 bay leave
4 cups chicken stock
2 to 3 stalks fresh kale (about 5oz)
6oz chorizo sausage (fresh or smoked- I recommend smoked!)

Saute onions and garlic in olive oil until soft and fragrant. Add potatoes and chickpeas. Tie together fresh herbs and add to pot. (If using dried herbs, skip this step.) Add chicken stock; bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to low heat for 15 minutes until potatoes are almost cooked through.

If using fresh (raw) chorizo, pan-fry or bake sausages (whole). When cooked through, slice, set aside, and reserve pan drippings. If using smoked chorizo, slice and set aside. (The smoked flavour makes up for the missing pan drippings, trust me!)

Remove thick stalk from kale, and chop leaf into bite-sized pieces.

Remove fresh herbs from soup (if using dried herbs, skip). Add chorizo slices, pan drippings (if you have any), and kale to pot. Kale absorbs a lot of liquid, so you may need to top up with a cup of water (there is enough flavour in this soup it can handle the addition!) Simmer for another 10 minutes uncovered.

Serve and enjoy!


Chicken, Apple, & Pomegranate Salad

This is a salad I make often for lunch at work and sometimes for dinner at home, and I am always asked for the recipe. So, at long last, here it is. It kind of mimics a salad at Wendy’s, but my version is healthier. At least, I think so. Enjoy!

PS there are no measurements for any of the ingredients except the dressing; I just start adding things to the bowl and stop when I feel like there’s enough.

Chicken, Apple, & Pomegranate Salad
Prep time: 10-15 minutes
Cook time: 10-20 minutes
Serves: 2

1-2 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless (I recommend 2 breasts if making this for dinner)
your preferred salad greens (I like spinach and romaine, or the Organic Girl sweet pea blend)
1 gala apple, chopped into bite-sized pieces
crumbled blue cheese
pecans (candied or plain – to candy see instructions below)
pomegranate seeds

1 tbsp pomegranate juice (I buy the Pom juice)
1 tbsp honey (you can use less if you don’t want it as sweet)
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar

Cook chicken with your preferred spices (I fry my chicken with Montreal chicken seasoning), and slice into strips.

Combine dressing ingredients in a bowl and whisk until honey is dissolved/combined. (Alternatively you can combine in a small container with a lid and shake to mix.)

Toss salad greens with most of the dressing, reserving some. Place salad greens in a bowl to serve, and top with apple pieces, blue cheese, pecans, and chicken slices. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds on top (if you bought a real pomegranate and not a container of the seeds, cut in half and hold over the salad bowl with the cut half facing downwards and your palm underneath. Hit the back of the pomegranate with a wooden spoon to release the seeds), and drizzle remaining dressing over toppings to add flavor.


(Apologies, I do not have a good photo of this salad yet. Next time I make it I will take a picture and update this post!)

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

This recipe comes from Cuisine Tonight: Cuisine Lite, a magazine my Mom picked up somewhere. This soup is delicious and very quick and easy to throw together. It is one we both highly recommend. I hope you enjoy!

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup
Prep time: 5-10 minutes
Cook time: 25-30 minutes
Serves: 4

2 tsp olive oil or vegetable oil
1 Tbsp minced red chile, plus more sliced for garnish if desired
2 tsp minced garlic
1 bunch baby bok choy, chopped (separate stems and leaves)
4 cups chicken broth (low-sodium preferred)
1 can coconut milk (light preferred)
2 tsp curry powder
4 oz. wide rice noodles
10 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast, sliced thin
1/4 cup minced fresh cilantro
2 Tbsp lime juice
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

Heat oil in large saucepan. Add 1 tbsp chile pepper, garlic, and bok choy stems. Sauté until fragrant, about 5 minutes. Stir in 1/2 cup broth, scraping up any browned bits on bottom of pan. Add remaining broth, coconut milk, and curry powder; bring to a simmer. Stir in noodles and cook until softened, about 3 minutes. Stir in bok choy leaves, and chicken. Simmer until chicken is cooked through, about 5 minutes.

Remove soup from heat, and add lime juice and cilantro. Season to taste with salt and pepper; garnish with slices of remaining chili pepper, lime wedges, and serve hot.

Nutritional Information, per serving: 325 cal, 9g fat (6g saturated fat, 2g mono, 1g poly), 46mg cholesterol, 499mg sodium, 30g carb (2g fiber, 3g total sugars), 22g protein, 1mg iron, 21mg calcium.

thai coconut curry soup

Park the Carr

This is a cocktail I created based off of a martini called Tiffany Blue. It of course has some tropical flavor, to match the other Carr Cocktails. Enjoy!

1/2 oz bols blue
1/2 oz pineapple coconut vodka
1 1/2 oz white cranberry juice

Shake over ice and pour in champagne flute or short cocktail glass.

Top with club soda.

park the carr

The Carr Alarm

Here is another cocktail creation from my Dad and I while we were at the Cabin.

1 part gin
1 part vodka
½ part Cointreau
1 part lemonade
1 part orange juice
White sugar
Cucumber wedge for garnish

Shake gin, vodka, Cointreau, lemonade and orange juice over ice in martini shaker.

Dip rim of martini glass in grenadine, then white sugar.

Pour martini into glass. Drop grenadine into centre of class. Garnish with cucumber.

carr alarm

The C4 (“Carr Cabin Cocktail Creation”)

So when my Dad and I get together at our cabin, we like to get creative with the alcohol lying around the house. This is our first creation; it is easily made in large quantities, and when you’ve made a whole jug it’s easy to refill your glass!

1 part amber rum
1 part spiced rum
2 parts fruit juice (tropical preferred)
1/2 part sprite or club soda
Splash of lime
Splash of grenadine
Garnish with umbrella and martini cherry

c4 upside down

Traditional Beignets

A few weeks ago we had a birthday party for my Dad, and we decided to do a potluck “appie hour” (appie as in appetizer). Dad and I de died to go with some traditional New Orleans food for our contribution. We made gumbo (based on my gumbo-laya recipe but with more broth), appetizer sized servings, and for dessert I wanted to make beignets. I have never been to New Oreleans and have never had beignets before, so it was quite the experiment. And they went over very well. Everyone loved them; even the gluten-free crowd couldn’t resist a small bite. So here is the recipe as we made it; hope you enjoy!

Prep: 2 hour 30 min
Yields: so many beignets! (Enough for a party of 15 food-loving family members.)

1 tsp heaping active dry yeast
3/4 cup warm water
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
1/2 cup evaporated milk
3 1/4 cups white flour
2 tbsp shortening
Oil for frying
Icing sugar or confectioner’s sugar to coat

Combine yeast, water and sugar; let sit. 10-15 minutes until frothy.

In a stand mixer, combine egg, milk, and salt. Add yeast mixture. With mixer on low, add flour and shortening.

Knead on floured surface until smooth; wrap in plastic wrap, cover, and set aside in warm draft-free place to rise for 2 hours.

Roll out to 1/4″ thickness on floured surface. Cut into 2″ squares. Heat oil in deep fryer or large pot or Dutch oven to 350F (if using pot, heat over medium until oil starts to dance or shimmer; drop small piece of dough to test if ready). Fry beignets for just a minute or two on each side until golden brown in batches. Do not overcrowd. Remove with slotted spoon to cooling racks (put paper towel underneath to catch oil drops). Allow to cool for about 1 minute then dust liberally with icing sugar. Move to serving plate and dust with more icing sugar before serving. Best served fresh.


Original found here