Butter Chicken Lasagna

This recipe comes from Chefs Plate; our friends ordered some meals from them and highly recommend their services! This is a recipe she shared with me, and which I have had a few requests already for since posting the picture of my dinner online. Enjoy!

Butter Chicken Lasagna
Prep time: 10-15 minutes
Cook time: 25-30 minutes
Serves: 2

1/2 oz butter or margarine
2 – 3 chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces
3 gloves garlic, minced
1 yellow onion, diced
1/4 tsp turmeric (ground)
1/4 tsp cinnamon (ground)
3/4 tsp cumin (ground)
3/4 tsp garam masala (ground)
1 can crushed tomatoes (14 oz/398 ml)
3 oz cream (2% milk will do in a pinch)
6 sheets lasagna pasta, cooked and cool enough to handle (you can also use “oven ready” lasagna)
4 – 5 oz mozzarella cheese, shredded
5 oz fresh kale

Melt butter over medium heat in frying pan. Add garlic, onion, and chicken, and saute until chicken is almost cooked through. Add tomatoes and cream, bring to boil and then reduce to simmer until sauce thickens and chicken is fully cooked.

In casserole dish (oven safe), place 2 lasagna noodles to cover bottom, add kale on top, add butte chicken mixture on top, then another 2 lasagna noodles, kale, butter chicken, last 2 lasagna noodles and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake 5 minutes at 450F; turn oven onto broil, and broil 2 to 3 minutes until cheese gets bubbly.

Serve and enjoy!


Finger-licking Garlic Butter

Buying pre-made garlic bread from the grocery store is all well and good, but you know me – if I can make something at home, I will usually try it. This garlic butter was so delicious, we probably ate far more garlic bread than is advisable with our spaghetti – whoops! This recipe makes enough garlic butter that you could freeze it and keep it for weeks for use. I, of course, used margarine for my partner, which worked very well, but if you can use butter, do. You just can’t beat real butter sometimes. Enjoy!

Finger-licking Garlic Butter
Prep time: 20 minutes
Yields: 1 1/2 – 2 cups

2 garlic heads
Olive Oil
1 1/2 cup butter (or margarine)
1/4 cup mayonnaise (lite or low fat)
Pinch paprika
1 tbsp Italian season
1 tbsp fresh Italian parsley
1 tsp red chili flakes
1/2 tsp ground black pepper (or so)
Pinch sea salt

Take apart garlic heads, peel cloves, and toss with olive oil. Bake in oven at 400F for 10-15 minutes (watch them carefully, when they start to brown pull them out!).

Meanwhile mix together remaining ingredients.

Crush garlic, and mix in. Transfer to freezer-safe container and enjoy for weeks to come!

Suggested servings:
– Garlic bread – take a baguette, cut in half lengthwise, broil on low in oven 3-5 minutes until golden on top.
– Garlic shrimp – prep shrimp; melt garlic butter in pan over medium heat, saute shrimp in generous amount of butter, serve as appetizer, salad topping, etc.

This recipe can be found in Guy Fieri Food, page 71, “Jimmy’s Favorite Garlic Bread”.